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New Client Enrollment Process & Documents
Last Updated 8 months ago

If you are requesting a ride for a first time Modus rider, we have an enrollment process that must be completed prior to filling out the actual Ride Request. Click here to watch a tutorial. The Provider submits a New Client Enrollment ticket and goes over the Modus Rider Agreement form with the client. The provider is responsible for going each document with the client and uploading the completed forms in a New Client Enrollment ticket. Modus must receive these forms no later than 5:00 PM on the weekday before the client requires transportation. These forms only need to be filled out one time. Be sure to provide a copy of ‘Modus 101’ to first time riders or if riders expressed confusion about the process after their Modus ride. Upon enrollment, Modus sends a text message to the rider notifying them that they have been enrolled and requires confirmation that the client received the text message.

Required Forms:
-If UNDER 18
1. Modus Rider Agreement Form*
2. Parental Consent Form*
3. Car Seat Waiver if client will be traveling with a child*
-If 18 or OLDER
1. Modus Rider Agreement Form*
2. Personal Release Form
3. Car Seat Waiver if client will be traveling with a child*

* = These forms are currently available in English and Spanish.

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